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Josh Bliss

For Josh, sport and recreation is where its at, whether it be a leisurely walk, surfing, snowboarding boxfit or Crossfit. For the last couple of years Crossfit has been a big part of Josh's life. Josh incorporates his extensive Crossfit knowledge into his killer Combat Circuit classes where he'll show you how good plain old functionality really is. If your looking for a fun strength and conditioning session, Josh's class is what you want.

Shay Brock

Shay brings valuable experience as Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor to the Arena Boxing Team. Shay has had a love for the sweet science since he was just 9 years old. He has an extensive career as an elite, top amateur boxer with around 80 amateur bouts. Now an undefeated professional boxer Shay is a great asset to the Arena Boxing team.

Arena Boxing Academy

Arena Boxing is Auckland’s best combat facility located inside The Trusts Arena

Designed by Kevin Barry and based on his dream gym, we have created a state of the art facility that promises to cater to all of your fitness and combat needs.

Jason Suttie

In his youth Jason Suttie fought under the great NZ trainer Lollo Heimuli of Balmoral Lee Gar gym, having some 25 fights before opening his own gym. Jason was very successful both as an amateur and professional fighter. As an amateur he took a New Zealand title and the South Pacific super middleweight and light heavyweight titles. Jason now owns and runs the Elite Thai Kickboxing Gym in Auckland. In 1996 Jason graduated from the University of Auckland with a BA and in the same year was the first Kiwi to fight in the Japanese K-1.

Kula Folau

Kula is a brown belt MMA trainer at Elite Thai Kickboxing. A 4 x NZ Heavyweight Jiu Jitsu Champion & South Pacific BJJ Gold Medalist, he is trained by the world renowned, Douglas Santos. Kula will put you through your paces while teaching you the basics of his beloved art, Jiu Jitsu.

Carwyn Morrison

CARWYN 'MANIC' MORRISON will push you to achieve your goals, whether you are a fighter or a beginner. An experienced fight fitness trainer, he will help you shed those extra pounds while learning some spot-on thai boxing technique.

Rua Druce

Rua Druce has fought in NZ and was the first NZ fighter to fight in Burma under Burmese rules in the Mandalay against the former champion Lone Chaw. He fights out of MTI Wellington.


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