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Sam Toetu

Born in Clayton, Melbourne, Australia, Sam moved to New Zealand at the age of 10, he began training in martial arts at age 12 starting with Shotokon Karate, and then moved on to the discipline of traditional Cambodian kickboxing, currently holding K1 rules record of 8 fights 6 wins 4 by TKO's. Sam is currently training at Strikeforce Canterbury under coach Karl Webber and is keen to have more Fights especially MMA in the welterweight and middleweight divisions.

Cari Holland

Cari has been training at Strikeforce Canterbury for three years, stated out with the womans boxfit classes and then began the boxing classes. She has been boxing for two years and has had 1 novice boxing match.

Marea Motu

Marea is a female Amateur boxer who has had over 7 years’ experience in boxing and has had over 30 fights having only lost 2 fights throughout her boxing career. Marea was once the 54kg Ringside champion and among other achievements both Marea and her husband have represented NZ for boxing and won many titles. Marea is a great teacher and an even greater asset to our team.


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